Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

In this section of our website we address the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Q.  What is Apple EFI password and do I need this service.?
A.  If you power on your MacBook or iMac computer whilst holding down the Alt key and you see a screen with 4 or 6 small boxes and you have forgotten the code or wasn’t told or given it by the previous owner then YES you need this service.

Q.  Why has my MacBook or iMac go this password on it?
A.  it’s a security measure by Apple that is to prevent the MacBook or iMac being accessed by unauthorised persons should it be stolen.

Q.  What is FRP, Android and Google accounts?

A. It is a security measure by the respected companies as a security measure against theft and misuse of that item unauthorised persons.